Here is a copy of an email we got. I am posting it here with permission. This pastor said since not everyone in his Fellowship understands, he wanted his name removed although he is increasingly being open about it, right now might not be the best time.

Dear Corky,

I was very disappointed in the news about the event being canceled... especially on why the event was canceled.

As a pastor, it distresses me that other pastors and Christians wish to distort the Bible to prohibit activities which the Scriptures does not prohibit. In our congregation, we teach that it is okay to have our own personal convictions, but unless specifically spelled out in Scripture, we should not try to force our own personal convictions on others. We are supposed to be more interested in leading people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ rather than trying to force personal convictions. The Holy Spirit leads each of us according to His will to what He has in purpose for our lives. Not all of us fit into a single mold.

My condolences to you. I hope and trust the over zealous activity of a few well meaning but WRONG people claiming faith in Christ will not leave an overly bitter taste in your mouth.

I know a lot of time and effort has been expended in planning for this event. My prayers are with you as you pick up the pieces and plan your next event.

Pastor from a Baptist Church
(Name and location deleted for security)

PS Yes, my family are active nudists!