- Freedom Days 2004

We are very sorry to say that Freedom Days 2004 has been canceled. Club Freedom, INA and Wild Water Adventures have jointly agreed to not have the event. We thank Wild Water Adventures for all of their support and acceptance. We have sold admissions tickets from all over the world, Japan, Australia, UK, Croatia, etc. We gave full refunds Monday, 5-24-2004. The added business for hotels and restaurants would have helped the local economy.

See story and watch free videos of the media frenzy over our nudist event at the water park. HERE:
See media response.

Local churches and citizens said they would boycott the water park if we rented it. See ABC News story here. Pastor G. L. Johnson from People's Church in Fresno said on CBS's Channel 47 he would contact all the churches in the valley to boycott the water park if our event happened. Pastor Doug Ainley from the Valley Christian Center explained, "We will withhold financial support of the water park. If that's what it takes to uphold the community, holding to values and systems that we hold, then that's the route we take." Ainley says the bible teaches nudity is to be confined to the relationship between a man and a woman in holy marriage ... and that alone. But many other pastors who have contacted us disagree when it come to non-sexual nudity. Many of our members are Christian and believe in the bible's statement about being naked an unashamed. See positive response from a pastor here. We have never had problems like this before at any of our events.

A poll on Channel 47 says 78% of people support Wild Water Adventures' decision to make its facility available to us. But Channel 47's website calling our event "Girls Gone Wild" on the front page didn't help.  Our events are family oriented and not associated in any way with "Girls Gone Wild".

Many of our members are Christian and believe in the bible's statement about being naked an unashamed. Strong family and naturist values promote body acceptance and a good self image for all ages. The more people see non-sexual nudity, the less they associate it with lust.

We do not force our values on others, we highly respect the values of others but if we can't congregate and rent private property, out of public view on a normally closed weekend, without a few forcing their ways on us, we are not living in a very free society. Education is the answer.

We did sign a contract that allowed the park to back out if there was a negative community response.

Corky Stanton
INA Staff

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Freedom Days 2004
Clothes Free Family Nudist Event at Central California's Largest Water Park
A Club Freedom and INA Event
September 18 and 19, 2004, in Clovis, CA, near Fresno. Advance registration required. See below.
Questions call Club Freedom at: 559-689-3744 or INA offices toll free: 877-261-6184
INA members: See online video and more about this event HERE!

Rock ConcertThousands of naturists will gather at this event from around the world for this first time water park activity. Two days of water rides, live music, organized sports, fishing, swimming and many other types of nude recreation for the whole family. Celebrate body acceptance in the best way possible. This event will legitimize nude recreation more than any other. Be there at Wild Water Adventures, Clovis, CA, September 18 and 19, 2004, in Clovis, CA, near Fresno. 

Attendees must be a member of a recognized family nudist resort or club, or either AANR, TNS or INA. This is a family friendly event and appropriate behavior is always demanded. Parents must supervise their children at all times. Our security reserves the right to remove anyone who violates the guidelines of conduct.

$10 annual associate INA membership available online below. Only one membership needed per family. INA associate members agree to all the rules and the guidelines of conduct (revising shortly) and receive all the other INA benefits, discounts, admission privileges except password to the website to watch weekly shows and other online info which is extra. 

Wild Water Adventures, Clovis, CA
Groups from both landed and non-landed clubs welcome! 
Representatives fro AANR, TNS and INA will be there.

Reserve your tickets now while they last here:
Adults and children 48" and above $35 per day
Children under 48" $20 per day
Children 2 and under FREE

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INA Associate Memberships
$10 per family for a year.

Not needed if you are already a member of a recognized family nudist resort or club, or either AANR, TNS or INA.
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Or to reserve your tickets by phone or mail: 
Phone toll free 877-261-6184 Monday through Friday 9 to 5 PST
By Mail, send credit card info, check or money order with appropriate amount to: 
INA Events
PO Box 1096, Oakhurst, CA 93644
List all who are coming with you and the organization or club you belong to. 
Fax Orders to: 559-421-1909
Tickets will be mailed to you August 15th, 2004. Freedom Days 2004 will go on rain or shine.

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Thank you. We'll see you there!
AANR, TNS and INA approved.

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